Well, the surgery is over! Phew. It has been an eventful day. Like I said yesterday - I was more nervous about the pre-surgery part than the actual surgery ... and I was right on target. I was up with Emory for 2 hours from about 1:50-3:55. She was pretty upset and confused because she wanted to nurse but I wasn't able to feed her. I was finally able to get her back down and exhausted this morning when 6 a.m. rolled around.

Emory was SO happy before the surgery even though she wasn't able to eat when she woke up. She was just loving all of the attention that the nurses were giving her! The surgery was so fast. The worst part was her coming out of the anesthesia - she was pretty much inconsolable until we finally left the surgery center. As soon as we walked out the door she started to perk up and by the time we were home and she had her toys and Mickey on the t.v., she was SO much better.

The rest of the day went fabulous. She was SO happy all day long! Could it be the tubes making a difference already? The ENT doctor said that she had some fluid this morning still but no infection ... but she seems to always keep fluid, so maybe her pressure is already clearing up and making her feel better!

I snapped this picture with my phone today while she was eating because she was just being such a ham!

So now I'm on to another long day tomorrow. I am really ready for this week to be over already...I will be SO relieved when Friday is here. I hope everyone is having a great week...and here's to hoping we all get some rest tonight!


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Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Glad to hear everything went well!!