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1 Year Celebration!!

YES, I am finally posting!  I know I haven't posted in...say...forever.  Truth is, I started changing things around on my blog and next thing I knew I couldn't see it anymore when I tried to view it.  I was so frustrated that I just kind of gave up on it for awhile.  I have also been battling with the decision of shutting down this blog or keeping it going.  I kept thinking of shutting it down because sometimes it freaks me out thinking of posting my baby girl's pictures on a public blog, but then I started thinking of how much I am going to forget and how I SHOULD use this blog to write down things to remember!!

So, here goes.

My baby is ONE YEAR OLD! (November 17th that is)

For your ONE year birthday party, we had a small party at our house.  You came down with hand-foot-mouth disease (I hate how it's called disease because it sounds so awful, but whatever) a few days before your party so I had to call and un-invite all of the guests that had kiddos.  It was a pretty small event because of that, but you really had no idea.  You wore a pair of hot pink Rufflebutt bloomers and leggings that your Aunt Brenna bought you and a customized onesie.  Of course I tried to put a bow in your hair but you hate anything on your head at this point and ripped it right out!

You had a lot of fun at your party but you were very tired after.  Your smash cake was hot pink and you had hot pink icing stained on your skin for a couple of days!

So here are a few stats!

At one year you are wearing size 12-18 month clothes and wear a size 3 shoe.  You have TONS of clothes.
You are a great eater and love avocado, peas, beans, and any kind of pasta.
You LOVE to drink water and usually only drink either whole milk or water - though you still nurse about twice a day (morning and night).
You think everything is funny and giggle - which is the sweetest sound!
You are taking baby steps that your daddy and I call "Frankenstein" steps, but you don't have the confidence in yourself to just take off yet.  You can do it but just get too apprehensive and decide you'd rather crawl!
You are a HAM! and love attention of all kinds!
You have two bottom teeth and the two top teeth are FINALLY breaking through which has been a nightmare this past week!
You love to get into e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  Your favorite things are trying to get into the dog's water and food bowl and our gas fireplace although I have learned that if I ignore you instead of get on to you when you crawl over there and look at me that you leave it alone.  You are really just getting in that fireplace to get a reaction from me!
*Knock on wood* you have slept 10-12 hours a night for the past 2-3 weeks! 
However, you are still a terrible napper (for me) and fight me most days when it's nap time.
You love Mickey Mouse - still! 
You give the BEST hugs in the morning when you just wake up!
and I love walking in your bedroom in the mornings because you are always standing there, holding the crib railing, jumping up and down on the mattress!  You sure do LOVE to jump!
You love to be swung around by your daddy!
(And now blogger won't upload any more pictures so I can't post any more...grrrr...)
You have learned how to push your push car around and think it is so funny!
You love to point at things and babble constantly.  You are really telling us things!
You have learned the "O" sound and have said "Open" once, although it was a loud "O" and then a "pen" whispered!
You love any other kid and think the dogs are SO funny.

However, you hate being told NO and any form of discipline!
You don't like to be confined to a space.
You don't like being put down when you are wanting to be held.
Most of the time you squirm and flip on your changing table so much that I have learned how to put a diaper on you while you are standing/jumping!!
You hate naptime - as previously mentioned.

Emory, you are the love of our lives!  I cannot express what you mean to us and I can't wait to watch you grow and learn!  Happy birthday baby girl!


Wooooo Pig!

So it's been awhile since I've updated - I mean REALLY updated.  I wanted to update when Emory hit the 10 month mark but for some reason I never posted the update!  Now she is just 6 days away from being 11 months old!  I have already started her birthday party planning.  I just got her invitations in today and I LOVE them!  I got them from Polka Dot Design.  I have ordered from them before and I have always had a great experience with them.  In a perfect world I would make the invitations on the Cricut, but I just don't want to stress myself out anymore than I am right now!

Andy has been very busy with school and his new job at Merrill Lynch and I have been so busy with work, this BUSY 10 month old, and trying to get ready for her party and maintain a somewhat-clean household!  What a job being a mommy is!

This weekend was the Arkansas vs. A&M game.  We didn't play great but we did pull a win!  Saturday morning I was getting ready to take Emory to go to lunch with my mom, nephews, sister, and grandma.  Andy came in and asked if Emory could wear her Razorbacks cheerleader outfit that he bought for her when he went up to Fayetteville last month for class.  I must say she was one sweet cheerleader!

We spent the evening at home after the game was over and Sunday had an eventful day!  We went to Sunday school then to visit some friends while they were in town, then to Playtime Pizza for Andy's dad's and sister's birthday party.  Yes, Playtime Pizza!  We had no kids with us but we had a lot of fun!  Emory was exhausted when we got home and fell right to sleep!

Andy snapped a few pictures of her the other night in bed.  I thought this was so sweet.  She sleeps just like me - except for the booty-in-the-air part!

Hopefully I'll have an 11 month picture next Sunday to do a monthly update!  Hope everyone has a great week!



His Plans

So I haven't had much to blog about this past week. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, to be quite honest. I don't know why I feel this way or what has necessarily changed to make me feel this way, I just do. I think it's the combination of things that have been happening to my friends and loved ones, constant prayer that has been needed, a house that never seems to get clean because I'm too tired, a baby waking up frequently and who is into EVERYTHING, covering in the kitchen at work because we haven't had a cook, my workload piling up because I've been without a computer, etc.

I shouldn't complain. I am so blessed. I know it everytime I look into Emory's blue-gray eyes. I feel it when Andy does sweet things for me, like surprising me with a spa mani/pedi for me AND a friend because I "deserve it". I see it when I look around and see this messy house - because I have enough belongings to make it messy in the first place.

I try to remind myself of these things but it does get awful tiring at times.

I told Andy today that I don't think I could possibly be a mother of 3 children and work full time. Seriously, hats off to working mothers!

I'd like to share a fabulous story with y'all because I just can't get my dear friend Jodie out of my mind and off of my heart. If you've read my blog for awhile, you know her story. Jodie and I were pregnant at (sort of) the same time. She had a lot of trouble getting pregnant and after fertility treatments, finally found out that she was pregnant. With TWINS! Jodie found out at 20 weeks that Baby A had Spina Bifida. Although they were hopeful that he would not be severe, they took on the challenge with grace and knowing that this was God's plan for them.

At birth, Eli had a lot of problems and after only 5 days, Jodie and her husband decided to take him off life support. That was one year ago. On August 8th, Jodie, Jesse, and Walker (Eli's twin), mourned the loss of Eli.

That is also the day they found out that they were pregnant.

Read her story here.

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."