Wooooo Pig!

So it's been awhile since I've updated - I mean REALLY updated.  I wanted to update when Emory hit the 10 month mark but for some reason I never posted the update!  Now she is just 6 days away from being 11 months old!  I have already started her birthday party planning.  I just got her invitations in today and I LOVE them!  I got them from Polka Dot Design.  I have ordered from them before and I have always had a great experience with them.  In a perfect world I would make the invitations on the Cricut, but I just don't want to stress myself out anymore than I am right now!

Andy has been very busy with school and his new job at Merrill Lynch and I have been so busy with work, this BUSY 10 month old, and trying to get ready for her party and maintain a somewhat-clean household!  What a job being a mommy is!

This weekend was the Arkansas vs. A&M game.  We didn't play great but we did pull a win!  Saturday morning I was getting ready to take Emory to go to lunch with my mom, nephews, sister, and grandma.  Andy came in and asked if Emory could wear her Razorbacks cheerleader outfit that he bought for her when he went up to Fayetteville last month for class.  I must say she was one sweet cheerleader!

We spent the evening at home after the game was over and Sunday had an eventful day!  We went to Sunday school then to visit some friends while they were in town, then to Playtime Pizza for Andy's dad's and sister's birthday party.  Yes, Playtime Pizza!  We had no kids with us but we had a lot of fun!  Emory was exhausted when we got home and fell right to sleep!

Andy snapped a few pictures of her the other night in bed.  I thought this was so sweet.  She sleeps just like me - except for the booty-in-the-air part!

Hopefully I'll have an 11 month picture next Sunday to do a monthly update!  Hope everyone has a great week!


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FrouFrouBritches said...

She's getting sooooo big! What a cute little cheerleader she is!