Wow - once agan, it's been 2 weeks since my last blog post. It has been another insane 2 weeks, complete with a second round of antibiotics for Emory, a grueling stomach virus for Andy and I, a trip to the E.R., and a stressful struggle to continue nursing through everything that has happened.

I just can't go into everything that happened with the stomach virus, but it was BAD. I literally was lying in bed thinking that I was going to die. I have never been so sick in my life and the violent vomiting led to severe dehydration (again) which led to a trip to the E.R. (again) after I discovered that I was no longer producing milk for Emory. As we drove to the E.R. I thought to myself this is it, I won't be able to get it back...and was devestated.

After two bags of fluids and a day off of work on Monday to rest, I called the lactation nurse on Tuesday. She tried to make me feel better and said to not worry but trust the maternal process and wait for my milk to fully return and to continue nursing as much as possible. I did what she said and hoped that I wouldn't have to supplement with formula. On Tuesday evening Andy called on his way home and I was barely able to hold back the tears when I told him I didn't know if I'd have enough stored milk to make it until mine came back in full. He quickly told me it was OKAY and that I had been a "warrior." I don't think he realizes how much it meant when he called me that.

Being a mother has been the most challenging, scary, wonderful, beautiful, and stressful thing I have ever done, but nursing along with that has been extremely hard. I believe in nursing - the benefits and the fact that it is natural and the way God has intended - with everything in me, and therefore will continue to stick to it throughout this year until Emory is able to be switched to cow's milk.

I have a wonderful, supportive husband and wonderful, supportive family and friends that are backing me and I can't be more thankful! I hope you all know how much you mean to me and how helpful it is to hear encouraging words.

Emory is an active 3 1/2 month old now, and so sweet! In just three short weeks we will have her 4 month checkup. Here are some current facts:

Emory LOVES to chew on her hands and has hit the DROOLING phase where bibs are a must!

She also is using her hands so much more! Grabbing, holding, touching, and feeling everything!

She is getting used to the supercute headbands that I put on her that used to REALLY annoy her!

She is doing so much better holding her head up and looking at the world.

She weighs a little over 14 lbs now (I KNOW!) and is wearing 3-6 month clothes. She WAS sleeping through the night except for waking one time until she got sick, and we have been recovering since then and trying to get back to a normal sleep pattern! (What is normal anyway!?). She LOVES to screech and make noises. She loves to watch t.v., primarily Disney, kick her legs, and CHEW on everything. She also has finally given in and learned to sit in her Bumbo seat! She smiles a big smile and we are just in love with her.

I can't believe how fast time is flying!

Psalms 39:4

"LORD, make me know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is: that I may know how frail I am."


Gina said...

You are a warrior! You have done an amazing job with nursing- something that can be hard anyway plus add the other road blocks you've had and pushed through! You should be proud of yourself!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I heard about your ER trip. I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better now. I know what you mean about the nursing. I was forced to wean Eden when my MIL had a stroke and we spent a month at the hospital when Eden was 8 months old. Just know that you are doing everything possible and leave the rest up to God. That's all you can do.

Love the little outfit and that precious headband! she is so stinkin' cute!!!!