Decorating Dilemma Solved!

A few weeks ago I joined a Decorating Dilemma's party on Amanda's blog. I was very depressed about my shabby (NOT chic) living room furniture and arrangement. I just had to share with my friends our new arrangement. Yes, I realize that this is kind of a cop out. I didn't really fix anything in a DIY way because we just bought new furniture and a new rug, but I am still excited about it!

We got the furniture at Ashley's and the rug at a store in North Little Rock that I LOVE! There are SO many rugs to choose from and they are all super cheap!

Anyway - I am much happier with the arrangement. Emory has a giant area now to play around on (and hopefully learn to crawl/walk/hit all those milestones). It is so strange to be able to sit her on the floor and walk away, and look around the corner and see her sitting there like a little person, playing with her toys! What a blessing she is.

That's all for today - just wanted to quickly update. Worn out! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Phil. 4:13
"I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me."


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Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Love it! I had a rug like that in my last house - except it only had circles around the sides and tan in the middle... and a little bit of blue. Cute!