Happy 2 Week Birthday!

I can't believe my little girl is 2 weeks old today. It has already been such a crazy whirlwind that it's hard to believe. I only have 4 more weeks off with her, which makes me incredibly sad to think about, so I'm trying to enjoy every moment...even the hard ones!

We have definitely been adjusting to life with a little one. There have definitely been some hard times! Mostly, figuring out why Emory is crying or what we can do to soothe her has been difficult. Finally, with some advice from other moms, I finally started reading the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block." I am only to the 3rd chapter and I feel so much better!! I really had gotten to where I was so upset everytime Emory cried and felt like I was doing something wrong. The book has made me realize that it is only natural for her to cry and that our society puts way too much emphasis on having a "good" baby. Today has been a lot better just because I have tried some of the techniques in the book and already feel like it is helping to soothe her when she is upset.

I have had sort of a tough time recovering, as I indicated in my last post. Starting the nursing process was difficult, as I'm sure any mom knows. I have been in constant contact with the lactation consultant, which has been a huge blessing. Yesterday after talking with her we determined that I had come down with mastitis. I figured that is what it was; I felt terrible and kept having rotating chills/sweating episodes as well as just felt awful overall and was in pain. Hopefully with the antibiotics and rest, fluids, etc., I will get better soon.

My mom also helped calm me on Sunday night. I was talking to her about Emory's poop (favorite topic of conversation I guess for a new mom) and was worried she wasn't pooping enough. Mom finally told me I was worrying way too much! And she was right. Today I feel a lot better just trying to enjoy her being this little and all the new things she is doing. Hopefully I will continue feeling like this and not have too many more breakdowns :)

Saturday night we went to Ashley's to get our newborn shots. Em was so great for most of the shoot until she started getting really tired! She slept through the beginning which was great. Below are some shots that Ashley got. I just love them and we are so grateful to have such a great photographer and friend!! (Her website:

I can't wait to see more! Em has changed so much in just 2 weeks, it's so amazing!

Until next time...

John 15:11
"These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full."


Lindsey said...

The pictures are beautiful, Danya! Emory is precious!

Cory said...

I know you have already heard this a million times, but that is one beautiful baby! Glad you are feeling better. Hang in there!

Gina said...

Danya- She is beautiful! She doesn't look like a newborn! I think your post is such a good representation of a typical new mom! It is hard to just set back and enjoy the newborn stage because we are soo worried about everything! The most important thing is that Emory is loved and well taken care of! You will figure everything else out! I'm sure you are an awesome mom and Emory is lucky to have you! I'm sorry you are experiencing some of the not so fun parts of breast feeding! You are awesome for hanging in there! It does get easier! Again- Emory is lucky to have you!

Holly Crutchfield said...

She is just beautiful! I know you are over the moon. I remember what it was like to keep up with poops and it was a huge deal! I know you are doing a great job and if you ever need any advice regarding the mastitis, just ask me! Enjoy your next few weeks!