3 Weeks and Growing...and the Baby Blues

Tomorrow is Emory's 3 week birthday! It's so strange to count the weeks since she's been born when I was previously counting down the weeks until her birth.

Today we took Em in for a weight check at the pediatrician's office. Last week (2 weeks) we took her to Baptist to have a weight check and we were surprised and a little worried that she wasn't up to her birth weight - actually less than her one week checkup at the doctor's office also. I was really worried since she's exclusively breastfed, so today we went to make sure she is gaining. Great news - she was 8 lb 11.6 oz today! I was very relieved and when I got home, the lactation consultant called and we set another appointment for Friday so she could weigh her again and watch a feeding to make sure everything is going okay.

I have tried some compression techniques to get Em to eat more at each feeding. I don't think at the beginning she was eating enough to get to the hind milk - which has the most fat and calories - because she was only eating about 10 minutes at each feeding and then would fall asleep. I wonder now if that was why she was so incredibly fussy for a few days. She as really been a lot less fussy the past few days so I'm thankful for that!!

Yesterday was a particularly tough day for me. I woke up feeling exhausted and had a splitting headache that had carried over from Saturday night. I was overwhelmed and very fatigued, had no energy, and was just...sad. I am very aware of the signs of postpartum depression so I have really been watching for something along those lines, but I know that these feelings I have every once in awhile are normal. Andy was getting ready to go to his friend's house but decided not to go since I was in no shape to take care of Em by myself...I was so exhausted and just couldn't stop crying. Overall I just felt like I was doing a terrible job at being a mother! Andy really made me feel so much better. He sat with me and talked with me for awhile and then let me sleep on the couch for a couple of hours, which is all I really needed to feel better. He even cleaned the house like crazy while I was sleeping!! I woke up and he had cleaned the kitchen, did some loads of laundry, and cleaned out my shower drain and scrubbed the shower clean. I have such a wonderful husband!!

I'm feeling much better today, though I know it's normal to feel overwhelmed at times. With hormones going crazy and a newborn that won't stop crying and feeling restless from being cooped up all day in the house, it's pretty easy to see how it can happen!!

I can't believe it's already almost Christmas. I have yet to do ANY Christmas shopping! I hope to start soon and maybe do a lot online to save from going out. I really thought I'd be more on top of everything while on maternity leave, but that hasn't happened at all! I think I would've had a better shot at that thought if I hadn't gotten sick after bringing Em home, but then again, I'm glad I have been able to rest as well.

One last thing - I have finally finished my MBA! I'm very excited but now not sure where this will lead me. I'm just going to try to put it all in God's hands and pray that it will take me somewhere that will be good for me and my family.

Proverbs 16:9
"A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."

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