I Never Imagined...

...That life would get this unbelievably busy as soon as you have a newborn. I have been meaning to blog for days now and everytime I sit down something happens and I never seem to find my way back to blogging.

Life has been a whirlwind. I went back to work last Monday, which has been both a blessing and ... well, I wouldn't say curse, but you know. It was nice to be back to work and on a schedule, it was really nice to have adult contact during the day, but most of all it was nice to feel like I actually have a purpose again instead of just being "Mommy." Don't get me wrong - I LOVE being a mother and I love my little girl, but I was beginning to lose my mind staying home all day and evening with little activity except flipping the television channels!

I am trying to adjust to not being able to soothe my OCD side. The laundry piles up, there are things that need to be put away, I need to dust and vacuum...and I just can't seem to get it all done. It wasn't too bad before, but now that I've gone back to work it's been very hard to find the time and energy in the evenings to do it all. Of course, this past weekend I also got hit with my 3rd...yes, of mastitis. I know that it is most likely due to being run down and tired, but honestly, what mom isn't run down and tired!? Especially when you work full time?!

I am feeling better secondary to antibiotics now, but I am definitely going to need to focus on my health and wellness and just let the rest go. That means even more loads of laundry left to do and even more unchecked items on the to-do list. But, all of that can wait if it means that Emory and I are healthy!

Andy has been very busy lately as well. He is now working two different jobs, is still in his MBA program, and started ANOTHER class tonight at UALR. Yes, he is insane. He's attempting to finish his Accounting degree on top of getting his MBA, which is smart, but very taxing as well. He is a very dedicated husband and father and for that, we are very thankful!

On to other news...Emory is 8 weeks tomorrow. I just can't believe how much she is changing. She is so much more alert now. She loves to smile at people when they are talking to her. She loves to look at bright colors and her spotted stuffed dalmation. She loves to coo and make gurgle noises and can hold her head up very well, although after a few seconds it sometimes will crash to the side! She makes very funny and sweet noises, is very warm and cuddly, and night. She still eats every 2-3 hours. She HATES bathtime right now but loves to lay on her changing table and look around. She also loves to sleep in the soft bag thing at work! She loves to have her picture taken because she loves the flash. She also loves to walk around so she can look at everything.

Next Thursday is our well-child checkup, but Friday I had to take Emory in to have her bellybutton carterized. She had a granuloma form inside that needed to be fixed. Dr. Holmes looked her over real well also and said she looks just like a baby doll. She is now almost 12 pounds! We are so thankful for a healthy baby!!

I will leave you now with a few pictures from Emory's first Christmas. We were so blessed to be able to spend time with family, even though it flooded everywhere and even though we were so tired after going from house to house! In just a few short months we will be doing it again, except with a 1 year old. I know it will fly by so I'm trying to hang on to every sweet moment until then!

This picture should have been last - Emory exhaused after all of the activities, all swaddled up and ready for bed!

Emory in the Christmas dress that Grandma (Terry) got her.

Emory looking around as her Gran holds her!

Emory sleeping in MaMaw's arms, wearing the other Christmas dress that Gran (my mom) got her!

Psalms 95:3
"For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods."

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FrouFrouBritches said...

She is so beautiful! Didn't know about the mastitis. Bless your heart!!! UGH! Hope it gets better soon. If you need some immersion therapy for the OCD, you're welcome to come sit in my messy house for awhile. LOL!